Sabtu, 23 Jun 2007

Sign on the Dotted Line?

Salaam.. fyi, ini posting 'copy+paste' dari website ini:

Let's imagine that a miracle has happened and you have a big-label recording contract in your hands. You want to sign it because you and your band mates have been working your butts off to get to this. But some of the stuff in it sounds -- well, pretty scary.

The American Heritage dictionary defines a contract as

An agreement between two or more parties, especially one that is written and enforceable by law.

The "enforceable by law" part is important. Once you sign a contract, you are bound by it. So, if you don't like the contract, don't sign it. That doesn't mean things end here. You may want to consider hiring a lawyer.

In many cases, when someone is about to sign a contract, he or she hires a lawyer to interpret the contract and (in some cases) to help negotiate terms. Since you're looking at a music contract, an entertainment lawyer would be best suited to help with its interpretation. An entertainment lawyer must be familiar with various agreements and contracts related to the entertainment industry, including recording contracts.

Whether you are a solo artist or you are a member of a band, you generally have two problems if you are an unknown who is signing your first recording contract:

Because you have never seen a recording contract before, you don't know what is "normal," and you do not know how the contract will affect you long-term. Your lack of experience and knowledge in this situation makes a lawyer even more important.

Even if you have a lawyer, you may have little or no leverage. If you try to negotiate, the record company can easily say, "Take it or leave it." If you decide not to agree with the terms and conditions, you have to wonder when and even if the next contract offer will come!

gambar hiasan >> 2 ekor ikan lumba2 melarikan diri ke Mesir seblm dipanggang hidup2!

gambar hiasan >> ini borang keahlian shawalfc lah!.. bukan recording contract!.. jgn speku tau!

gambar hiasan >> seorg pengurus recording label yg gigih!.. yg ini bulih speku!.. lalalalala!..

gambar hiasan >> seorg tutor cara2 berchatting yg yaaa-amats gigih!.. matila cikgu tuisyen!

Akhirnya blog org nih kembali meriah!.. siap wat posting back-2-back kekdahnya!.. jd kpd suma peminat Shawal, sila lawati blog ini! [matilah promosi harga runtuh!]

gambar hiasan >> penonton ikon mlm tadi!.. err, mcm kenal kan?.. tapi di mana yaaa?.. cabuttt!

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Mr. Manager berkata...

Ko memang nak cari pasal, kan? Kan?

Mr. Manager berkata...

Tadi Afi ada call.


Afi. Ala, Gadaffi, adik Shawal...

Matilah pecut ke gurun Mesir!

Mr. Manager berkata...

Bukan Dafi tau. Afi. Adik Shawal.

Run baby run!

ajami berkata...

woit! terkezut ikan lumba2!.. oic! igtkan the other Afi?.. i mean the famous one >> "Afi & Abah" kat astro-ceria tuh! oooppppsssss!

..btw yang, nanti u singgah kat pyramid, jgn lupa sembah ratu cleopatra tao!..

lumba! lumba! lumba!..

klubbkidd berkata...

kenapa dua ikan lumba2 ek? *garu pala*

klubbkidd berkata...

matila ko letak pic aku.keji!

Juan Danza berkata...

matila nasib baik aku tak masuk dalam camera tu...dah la muka demam...hahaha

aziya berkata...

haha.. funny lar korang nie...