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..aku bukan ler pakar psl fesyen sgt.. tapi ini FAKTA!!! setau aku, org yg bersaiz besar/berisi/gemuk TIDAK DIGALAKKAN pakai baju yg ada pattern 'horizontal stripes'!!!.. and what with the hair???

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If you’re a little extra on the belly, try to avoid horizontal and diagonal stripes as well. Vertical stripes tend to draw people’s eyes downwards and visually slims your outline. Thin line suits are the best match for formal occasions, and look good with dark colors. Hanging out with friends? A pair of skinny or regular jeans will do. Avoid boot-cuts since they tend to make you appear larger.

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2. Wear vertical stripes and not horizontal ones.
With your plus size, if you want to wear stripes, you have to wear the vertical ones and not the horizontal ones. Verticals will give the illusion of thinness as well as it's variations like diagonals. Horizontal stripes would only make you look even heavier.
Horizontal stripes could also highlight the bulges on your body making you look heavier. If you wear stripes, do not wear horizontal ones, wear the vertical or diagonal ones to give you an illusion of lightness and thinness or curvaceous ness.

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