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The Council Of Six ~ langkah pertama!

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Juan Danza


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Dear Gentle Reader,

Remember this historic date: 12 April 2008. Malaysia's top entertainment and lifestyle bloggers met up today to discuss the formation of a formal association that will be opened to all entertainment and lifestyle bloggers.

The association, which has no name yet, will then seek to serve as a united front for all entertainment and lifestyle bloggers and to bring them under one umbrella organisation where they may enjoy fellowship, support and solidarity, and also be officially recognised as valid contributors to the new/alternative media. The association will also champion responsible and ethical blogging.

It was unanimously agreed that the six founding members of this association will draft The Constitution, present A Blogger's Code Of Ethics for the association, and apply for official registration with The Registrar of Societies.

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions/ideas, gentle reader?

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