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Lesson 63: Compliments and Criticisms!

painting by Steven Stahlberg REF: In the course of our daily conversations we are bound to hear compliments as well as criticisms about other people (well, that is the way of the world). Or you yourself might feel the urge to praise or criticise someone. Here then are examples of common appreciations and criticisms. First the appreciations: When you wish to congratulate someone for an achievement you can either say S aya ucapkan tahniah atas kejayaan anda (I congratulate you on your success) or if that is too long for you just say Syabas! (Well done!). The word is pronounced "sha-bus". Now we come to the criticisms. About the worst criticism one can make of a Malaysian is that of being kurang ajar . The person to whom this remark is intended would be covered with shame as it means that he has not been properly brought up (is ill-bred or uncouth). Courtesy plays a very important part in the Malay culture. Don't ever forget