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SECRETS OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION ~ Lecture by Hassan Abd Muthalib

S P R E A D T H E W O R D !


12.30pm, Saturday 25 October 2008
Theatrette, HELP University College, Pusat Bandar Damansara, KL
Free admission
Enquiries: 012-2255136


The world today is a visual/aural world - the most visual/aural world compared to anytime in the history of Man. As such, it has become indispensable to understand how visuals and sound are being used by the media & entertainment providers to inform, educate and entertain us - not excluding other parties, specifically those in power, who try to impose their ideologies on us in explicit and implicit ways.

Both film grammar and film language need to be appreciated in order for the audience of media and entertainment products to understand how visuals and sound are created and arranged so as to 'guide' them towards a designated meaning. This lecture aims to show how visual and aural communication is planned and imposed upon an audience in myriad ways.

Among other things, this lecture will explore the use of semiotics, gestalt psychology, binary opposition and the use of archetypes - all of which are the foundations for fiction (feature films, drama )and non-fiction (documentary) storytelling. The lecture will also introduce methods to decipher symbols that recur in various societies throughout time that reveal their innermost character that determine their destinies.

Hassan Abd Muthalib
is a self-taught artist, designer, animator, writer and director. He has over 43 years of involvement in making TV commercials, public service films, set design for film, theatre and TV and short animation films (the Sang Kancil series was his most popular in the 1980s). He directed Malaysia's first animated feature film Silat Lagenda. He has conducted courses and presented papers on film and animation in Singapore, Indonesia, India, Sudan, London and Norway. Currently he is a Resident Artist at UiTM and the Director of Darul Digital, an animation school in Kelantan. He is in the final stages of completing a book on the history of animation in Malaysia.

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En. Hassan ~ my film-critic godfather!


Anonymous said…
secret? visual com... bongkaran che hassan sapa yg berkelapangan tak pegi rugi. antara kata2 isme pengkarya tinggi lampai ini. 'Dia buat kita bukan kita buat dia' masih tergiang2 menjentik aku.
Anonymous said…
aslkm.. mempelawa anda untuk vote di sini Trima kasih.

Sinefelia said…

seronok belajar animasi dengan Pak Hassan Muthalib tau...

kalao ade masa lapang teringin nak pergi jugak... :)
Anonymous said…
pecah rahsia!