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ASTRO FIRST ~ mulai 13 Januari 2011

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Kuala Lumpur, 11 January 2011 – Malaysians will no longer have to endure long ticket-counter queues and traffic jam whenever they want to catch a movie at the cinema, when Astro’s latest movie-on-demand service, Astro First becomes available on 13 January on the Astro platform. Astro customers will soon be able to watch the latest cinema titles within two weeks after the cinema release, in the comfort of their homes at an affordable price.

Astro First, a first of its kind movie-on-demand service, will debut on Astro Channel 480 on 13 January 2011 with three big movie titles - Aku Masih Dara, Damping Malam and Ngangkung. The service promises affordability, convenience and enhanced family time for Astro customers. Astro customers can look forward to upcoming movie titles like Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah

KongSi, Kembar Siang, Tolong Awek Aku Pontianak, Senjakala, Sini Ada Hantu as well as other popular regional movies titles in the next few months.

Astro First affords three key consumer benefits, which are :

1. Freshest movie titles as early as two weeks after their big screen debut on Astro First

2. Convenience - watch the Astro First movies in the comfort of your home when and how often you want to with your family and friends.

3. Value for money. At RM15 per movie, instead of paying RM40 to RM60 for a family of 4 at the cinemas, Astro First is truly value for money. In addition, the 32 different viewing times for each movie, gives you the convenience of watching it at your leisure, for as many times possible within 48-hours upon purchase.

Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer of ASTRO said, “Astro aims to bring the future of entertainment right into Malaysian homes. Astro First is the first-of-its-kind service, it is entertainment history in the making. With Astro First, you can enjoy the latest movies, just premiered in Malaysian cinemas, in the comfort of your own home. By proactively negotiating with studios and production houses, we are able to bring the latest movies onto the Astro platform, offering an unmatched value proposition of bringing the cinema right into our customer’s homes.

Beyond delivering a new movie experience to our 3 million customers, Astro First has another equally important mission – that of broadening the distribution of movies and allowing an extended viewing period beyond the cinema time frame. Astro First also gives local movie producers never-before access to such a broad Malaysian audience base. With Astro First, movie-lovers who are residing in the areas with limited access to cinemas, can now enjoy and show their support for local movies. In short, Astro First will spur the economics of the local film industry.”

Tan adds, “We believe Astro First gives the platform to promote local creative content among a wider Malaysian audience. We are confident that the success of local titles on Astro First will see international and regional players joining us to change the game of movie distribution in Malaysia.”

3 Easy Steps to enjoy Astro First

It is very easy to purchase your favourite movie on Astro First. Go to the Astro First portal on Astro Channel 480 and;

1. Press the blue button on the Astro remote to select the movie(s) of your choice.

2. Press the blue button again to confirm your order.

3. 13-digit SMS code will be generated on the TV. SMS BUY [13-digit code] and send to 32999. Example: BUY 1234567891234

You will receive an SMS confirmation on your order and the movie will be available for viewing within 5 minutes. Every purchase will be charged to the customer’s regular bill. Normal telco charges will apply for the SMS. For more information, visit: